What I Ate Wednesday

Who’s ready for some What I Ate Wednesday fun? I’m pretty excited about today’s post because it marks one week free of meat for me. (I gave up meat for Lent. Details here.) I’ve felt really good all week (a bit lighter) and have experimented with new-to-me foods, which is part of the goal. 

Without further ado, here’s a very veggie WIAW!

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Even though we are experiencing the coldest temps of the year, I still don’t mind drinking a smoothie for breakfast. While I love switching up the fruit I put in my morning drink, one thing is for sure — throw in a handful or two of greens! This beauty is a mix of frozen cherries, spinach, almond milk and Vega Sport chocolate protein powder. 


Snack #1

Roasted chickpeas. Crunchy and full of protein. 



This meal should be renamed to “all the veggies.” I’ll be honest; I didn’t have much inspiration to create lunches for the week. I’m really good about bringing my lunch to work every day, sometimes I just get stuck in a rut. Your suggestions are more than welcome! Today I threw together a broccoli slaw salad with extra cabbage, garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds. Plus carrots, hummus and an apple on the side.



Snack #2

Homemade chocolately, peanut buttery granola bar for a pre-gym snackity. 



Can you believe I’d never had Thai food until about 3 months ago? I know. Well this dinner certainly embraced the unknown. Not only did I attempt to make Pad Thai at home, I baked tofu to toss in it! Overall, I think it turned out delicious, but my tofu cooking skills could definitely use a little work. 


Speak up: What’s been on your plate this week?

Why I’m Giving up Meat for Lent

Why I

Vegetarian. Vegan. Conscious Omnivore. Paleo. Gluten-free. 

What is it that makes us feel the need to label our eating habits? And in turn, is this really a healthy practice? Labels, even when associated with healthy behaviors, have the potential to create restriction and rigidity — two things I strongly believe have no place in a healthy diet. 

For me, it’s a label that’s prevented me from taking the leap and eliminating (most) meat from my diet. I say most because I can’t be 100% sure that I’ll never go to a BBQ again and want a hamburger. But that’s not what vegetarians do… right? Well honestly, I don’t know because I’ve never been one and even if I had, eating is so personal, my experience would likely be much different than yours. 

And another thing, I really enjoy seafood and when chosen responsibly, it’s pretty darn good for you. Just add it to the list of things I’m not willing (or confident) I can give up for the rest of my life. So again, here we are, a failed vegetarian before I even became a vegetarian. 

Well on the eve of Ash Wednesday I decided to say screw it, I’m doing this my way. I’m going to give up meat (beef, pork, poultry) for Lent — that’s 40 days. But I’m still going to eat seafood. And eggs. And cheese. So I guess that makes me an ovo-lacto pescatarian? Are you seeing why this whole label thing is confusing? That’s why I’ve decided to give up meat for Lent. Because Lent’s a timed-occurrence and giving things up is what you do. No labels necessary. 

Editor’s note: I do plan on documenting my meat-free adventure (including more details on why I decided to do it) on the blog, but I’m not trying to start a debate on whether or not eating meat is good or bad. Everyone has a personal choice and I respect that. 

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like

Hey there!

I’m just popping in real quick today to share an article I came across in the NY Times yesterday. It showcases just how much food you could eat for 2,000 calories (an average recommended amount of daily calories for adults) at popular restaurants vs. cooking at home. The results are really worth seeing!

Recently there’s been a lot of debate regarding the role cooking (cooking at home, that is) plays in our health. More specifically, how does the fact that we are cooking less and less affect our current obesity crisis.  It’s also a topic I find to be interesting, so I hope you to do too. 

Click here to read the article. (Photo below courtesy of NY Times.) FYI: photo showcases what you’ll get for 2,000 calories at Potbelly… about 1 meal. And you’ve used up most, if not all, of your calories for the day. Think about that.

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello there! Long time no chat (in blog terms I suppose). It’s been snowy, busy and a bit chilly over here. Let’s catch back up over a round of daily eats. As always, make sure to visit Peas and Crayons for lots of What I ate Wednesday fun. 

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A really awesome thing just happened to my breakfast… I got a Ninja blender! No more random pieces of frozen fruit and half shredded spinach at the bottom of my smoothies. Seriously I couldn’t believe how delicious this green machine tasted. I also gobbled up some apple cinnamon steel cut oats. 



I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love for cook books before, but in case I haven’t, just know I’ve run out of room to store them. Time for another bookshelf! This Christmas I was happy to receive Make it Ahead by Ina Garten. I wish the food would just appear off the pages. Anyway, for lunch this week I made a batch of her quinoa tabbouleh and it is scrumptious. Plus it lasts for about 4 days in the fridge. I had a pear, some tzatziki sauce and half a whole wheat pita on the side. 



Cheddar, apple and arugula grilled cheese… because gloomy days call for melty cheese. Don’t forget the sourdough bread!


Speak up: what’s the best thing you ate this week?

Scenes from a Snow Day

Oh just digging out from a bit of snow today… and enjoying an unexpected day off!

Snow Day 1

All the fluffy white stuff in the backyard.

Snow Day 2

Drinking a not quite blended smoothie while researching new blenders.

Snow Day 3

Eating lunch off a plate not a Tupperware container. 

Snow Day 4

Mid-afternoon cupcake break!

Speak up: Did you get hit by snow by you? What would you do with a snow day?